At the age of ten, Cliff was diagnosed with liver cancer. Having had a liver transplant in 1991, Cliff Tam has been cancer-free since then for 23 years. His inspirational story tells of a life of resilience and faith, as he completed an Iron Man event (3.8km swim, 180km bike ride, 42.4km run) at the age of 27, and won gold medals at International Transplant Games. Now, at the age of 33, he has given up his life and career in Canada to serve as a missionary in Asia. Together with his wife, they are actively involved in mission work and dream to serve the poor and needy in developing countries.

Cliff has been speaking at churches, shelters and Transplant events to share his story of courage, compassion, faith and endurance.


Cliff Tam riding his Cervelo :)

Cliff and Wai Jia's first wedding